ACLU of Wyoming Urges Counties To Continue Use of Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes

Alan Cleaver; Flickr

To reduce long lines on Election Day that may discourage people from exercising their right to vote, the ACLU of Wyoming urges county clerks across the state to continue the use of absentee ballot drop boxes, despite Interim Secretary of State Karl Allred’s recent request to remove them.

“Absentee voting is a safe, secure and effective way for Wyomingites to vote,” said Antonio Serrano, ACLU of Wyoming’s advocacy director.              

“Drop boxes have proven to be an accessible, secure and easy way for voters across the country and here in Wyoming to cast their ballots, and they have been widely used by people of all backgrounds and political affiliations without issue. Discontinuing the use of absentee ballot drop boxes now would create disruption for voters and would result in even greater disenfranchisement of eligible voters in our state. Absentee ballot drop boxes in convenient places allow voters to securely cast their ballots at a time of their convenience – especially important for rural voters who have to travel long distances to vote. Our elected officials should be doing everything they can to encourage people to vote – not trying to suppress people’s ability to vote.”

Ahead of the November election, the ACLU of Wyoming is educating voters about their voting rights with a variety of resources on its website.