Back in Diagonal Parking Installed Along West 19th Street

The City of Cheyenne has installed back-in diagonal parking on a trial/test basis. The first test area will be in the 600 block of West 19th Street between O’Neil Avenue and Bent Avenue, on the south side of the street.

In recent years, the use of back-in/head-out angle parking has increased in major cities. It is believed that diagonal parking is better than perpendicular parking when it comes to safety. According to traffic engineers, what it all comes down to is the driver’s ability to see when leaving an area.

This is particularly important when it comes to downtown parking or parking along busy streets. In most cases, when a driver’s view is blocked, it makes it nearly impossible to know when it’s safe to proceed out of an occupied parking space. This often happens due to a larger vehicle obscuring one’s visibility or the driver’s vehicle having tinted windows.

Moreover, another safety component for why backing-in/heading-out parking is a great option is that it gives the driver and other vehicle occupants immediate access to the sidewalk once exiting the vehicle. This allows pedestrians to safely cross and reach their destination(s) without being fearful that a passing car could hit them.