Cheyenne to Observe National Trails Day Saturday

National Trails Day, an annual event celebrating public trails, is June 1, 2024, and the City of Cheyenne encourages residents and visitors to take advantage of trails and paths in and around the city.

Cheyenne has 47 miles of Greenway path as well as soft surface trails at some parks including Kiwanis Park and North Cheyenne Community Park.

“There are so many opportunities to get a hike or walk in for National Trails Day without even leaving town,” said Jeanie Shrednik, the City’s Parks and Greenway planner. “Grab a Greenway map and pick out a fun route for the day – there are plenty of paths to take!”

Shrednik said users of all trails should remember good trail etiquette, including:

  • Be mindful of other users and stay to the right when using a path or trail. Remember, users may be approaching from behind. When passing from behind, pass on the left and let others know you are there with an audible call out or ring of a bike bell.
  • Dogs must be on a leash and please, don’t block the trail with an extended leash. Use pet waste stations to keep the trail and adjacent areas clean.
  • At road intersections, stop and make sure motorists see you before you enter traffic. Make eye contact and give a friendly wave when they stop.
  • Both e-bikes and e-scooters are allowed on all areas of the Greenway system and should observe the 15 mph maximum speed limit. No other motorized vehicles are allowed except for approved maintenance vehicles.
  • Greenway underpasses tend to be in flood prone areas and may be hazardous in inclement weather so be careful. Use underpasses at your own risk.

National Trails Day participants can also take the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day Pledge, which is “In honor of National Trails Day, I’ll leave the trails and the outdoor community better than I found them.”

National Trails Day was created by the American Hiking Society in 1991 and is observed on the first Saturday in June.