Hog Park Reservoir to Fill

People living near or visiting the Encampment, Riverside, Baggs, Savery, and Dixon areas should expect higher than normal flows in the Encampment and Little Snake Rivers this year due to runoff from snowpack.  

Hog Park Reservoir, which is one of six reservoirs for the city’s Board of Public Utilities is expected to fill on or around Wednesday, June 19. Based on the predicated forecast, increased snowmelt in the surrounding area will continue to flow into the Hog Park Reservoir which will cause the reservoir to fill. 

Once the reservoir is full, a spillway will safely direct natural runoff water coming into the reservoir back into Hog Park Creek, a tributary to the Encampment River, which may result in higher-than-normal flows in the Encampment River.  

People living near, or visiting, the Encampment River, Little Snake River and surrounding riverways should exercise caution and be aware that water flows may rapidly change depending on weather conditions.