Telephone Scam Reported by Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities

Customers of the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) have recently reported receiving a telephone call where the caller claimed to be from the BOPU. The fraudulent caller is requesting customers wire money or provide credit card information for payment on excessive water use, or risk having water shut off to the home.

The BOPU encourages customers to remain vigilant against phone and identity scams. Any customers who have concerns about callers claiming to represent the BOPU should hang up and call Customer Service at (307) 637-6460. Customers may also visit the lobby at 2416 Snyder Avenue.

The BOPU does report fraudulent calls to Cheyenne’s Police Department. Using caller ID, make note of the originating phone number, date, time, and any other details of the call so they can be conveyed to the Police Department.