Water Distribution System Flushing Begins This Week

The City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) will be flushing the water distribution system and conducting annual fire hydrant testing in various locations beginning this week through June, weather and time permitting.

Hydrant flushing helps to maintain water quality and keeps Cheyenne’s water fresh. This preventative maintenance allows crews to assess the condition of the water distribution system and fire hydrants. It also helps keep insurance premiums manageable for Cheyenne’s residents. Information gathered by crews is used by the Insurance Service office to rate Cheyenne’s fire suppression abilities.

Releasing water at high velocities from hydrants scours and scrubs water mains which removes film and sediment. If left unattended, these deposits could eventually impede water flow, which can also reduce water flow for fire protection and may cause taste and discoloration issues.

Hydrant flushing may cause your water to appear cloudy or discolored. Though not harmful, discolored water may stain laundry. If you find your water is discolored, wait until the nearby hydrant flushing is complete. Clean out faucet aerators or filters and allow cold water to run through faucets or outside spigots until the water is clear

The cloudy or discolored water can be used on plants or landscape. If the water doesn’t clear, please call the BOPU’s Water department at 637-6471.