City Crews To Pick Up Downed Tree Limbs Over The Next Two Weeks

heavy snow caused a tree to topple in Holiday Park in Cheyenne

City 5-22-17

City crews have already started to pick up down tree limbs from last week’s major spring snowstorm which dropped as much as 14.3 inches of snow on the Capital City.

“What will happen over the next two weeks is that sanitation crews will pick up as many of the smaller branches and then street and alley crews will be out the week of May 30 to pick up the larger branches,” said Vicki Nemecek, City of Cheyenne Public Works Director. “I understand this was a devastating storm for our trees, and the City will do everything it can to help residents in the cleanup process.”

Please have all branches to the curb by 6 a.m. on Tuesday, May 30; please make sure the branches are not next to any parked vehicle and don’t allow the branches to obstruct storm water drainage or block fire hydrants.

Residents have three options to dispose of their tree limbs:
• Haul tree limbs to the City’s Compost Facility, 3714 Windmill Road. The tree branches can be no bigger than 12 inches in diameter. The facility is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from Noon to 4 p.m.
• Cut any tree limbs in lengths of eight feet or smaller and place them in the parking lanes on the street where possible. City crews will not pick up tree limbs on private property or in the alleys. Don’t place branches in yard waste containers, those bins are for grass and garden debris only.
• You can hire a certified arborist. A list of arborists is located at the City of Cheyenne Urban Forestry website, If a tree limb is on a power line, please contact Black Hills Energy at 632-3519.

“We have decided to pick up the larger branches after Memorial Day to give residents a three-day weekend to get their property cleaned up, but will pick up smaller branches as well,” said Nemecek. “This is also a great opportunity for neighbors to help each other. Some residents will need help and I know how caring Cheyenne is and that neighbors in each block will help one another out. That is what Cheyenne does when something like this happens.”

City divisions helping in the cleanup are Urban Forestry, Street & Alley, Parks Grounds & Facilities, and Sanitation. This cleanup is being partially funded by the City’s Fifth-Penny Sales Tax.