Barack Obama Gives Final State of the Union

Staff     1-13, 2016


President Barack Obama, in his final State of the Union address, says his seven years in office have been a time of positive change for the country. He asked voters to replace him with a Democrat who would continue his policies on health care and climate change. Wyoming congressional delegates say the address was more about trying to cement his legacy than his accomplishments.

Senator Mike Enzi says the country faces many challenges, but those challenges were put in place by the president. He says the country is better off when there is less government intrusion in citizens’ lives.

Senator John Barrasso says the president missed an opportunity to talk about the things that unite the country and instead focused on that which is divisive.

President Obama did acknowledge his own failures to transform the country’s politics and unite the nation. He pleaded with voters to turn away from the harsh voices and come together.