BOPU Announces New Director

BOPU  11-22, 2016

The City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) is pleased to announce that Brad Brooks has been named the new director of BOPU. He will take over the director duties effective February 1, 2017 following the retirement of current director Tim Wilson. The mission of the BOPU and its director is to “develop, manage, operate and maintain Cheyenne’s water and wastewater resources prudently and professional to provide the greatest benefit for the community’s investment.” The director oversees the Cheyenne’s Water and Sewer Departments.

With more than a 31-year career in engineering design, construction management, administration and public utilities, Brad Brooks is sure to provide the BOPU with remarkable guidance and success as director. Brad has been with the BOPU for the past 18-years; seven years as the Engineering Construction Project Coordinator and 11-years as the Operations and Maintenance Manager and Engineering and Water Resources Manager. Prior to that, Brad spent 13-years as a Project/Staff Engineer for various private consulting firms.

The BOPU consists of five board members appointed to six-year terms by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. The BOPU’s president, Joe Bonds, appreciates Brad’s stability, professionalism and his hands-on experience with community leaders. “Brad brings some tremendous knowledge to the job and his enthusiasm is wonderful, I look forward to working with him in the future,” stated Bonds. “My congratulations to Mr. Brooks. I look forward to working with Brad over the next several weeks for a smooth transition,” stated Tim Wilson.

The BOPU’s board members and staff extend our utmost gratitude to Tim Wilson for his 38-years of service with BOPU with 19-years as director. Brad Brooks will continue projects that Tim started during his tenure as well as strategically plan for the BOPU’s future.