BOPU Director Tim Wilson Announced Retirement Plans

BOPU    5-27, 2016

Tim Wilson, the Director of the Board of Public Utilities (BOPU), announced yesterday at a special Board Meeting his plans to retire as of January 31, 2017. At the time of retirement, Tim will have served BOPU over 38 years with 19 years as Director. Board President Joe Bonds congratulated Tim on his outstanding characteristics of leadership, integrity, and honesty that Tim has provided, not only for the Board, but also the entire City of Cheyenne.

Tim plans to stay in Cheyenne, his hometown, but hopes to travel with his wife Lori and spend time with his children and grandchildren. As a graduate of the University of Wyoming, Tim’s business and accounting background has served BOPU and the City of Cheyenne well embodying the Board’s mission statement to “Develop, manage, operate and maintain Cheyenne’s water and wastewater resources prudently and professionally to provide the greatest benefit for the community’s investment.” This civil servant is a pillar for our community, Cheyenne.