CABA Baseball Tournament Allowed to Proceed

By Staff
A Continental Amateur Baseball Association tournament will be allowed to be played in Cheyenne. The Cheyenne City Council passing a substitute resolution that allows Steve Avila to hold the tournament on Cheyenne fields. The substitute resolution replaces a resolution that attempted to prohibit Avila from using Cheyenne facilities.

The substitute resolution calls for Avila to pay for all field use and player fees to the city no later than three days in advance of the tournament, show his revenues from the tournament within 30 days of its conclusion, and to pay the city 30% of his revenues within 30 days of the tournament end.

Councilman Dicky Shanor, who brought the substitute forward, says he believes it sends a message to Avila, and allows the tournament to move forward, “I doubt 30% will be a full recovery for everybody for every dollar they lost by this individual last year, but it sends a message to him that we aren’t just going to let someone do that to this city and to our community, it lets the tournament go forward and hopefully it helps a little bit with the financial injury everyone suffered last year.”

It’s not known if Avila will accept the terms of the resolution adopted by the Cheyenne City Council. Avila has stated he will move the tournament to Windsor, Colorado if the city denied him use of the baseball fields.