Capitol Avenue Bronze to Install Six Statues

City 9-3-22

The Capitol Avenue Bronze Project will install six new statues in downtown Cheyenne Tuesday, Sept. 6, including four historic figures and four representations of marine and wildlife. 

Mayor Patrick Collins said, “As Labor Day approaches, Cheyenne has many reasons to be proud. This community has shown immense pride in remaking the face of downtown and honoring the heritage of the city and the state. I can’t wait to see the installation of Major General Grenville Dodge, the founder of Cheyenne.

In addition to Major General Dodge, The Bronze Commission is also installing statutes that highlight Wyoming’s contribution to arts and letters: Mary O’Hara, the renowned author, who wrote one of her most famous novels outside of Cheyenne on the Remount Ranch; J.E. Stimson, who captured the most iconic photographs of people and places in Wyoming, and the great explorer, John Colter.

The public is welcome to attend and view the installation. The following statues will be installed beginning at 9:00 a.m.:

“Major General Grenville Dodge, Founder of Cheyenne”
Artist: Gaudalupe Barajas
Location: The Southwest corner of Capitol Ave. and Lincolnway
Donated by Larry & Kim Sutherland

“Mary O’Hara”
Artist: Joel Turner
Location: Southeast corner of Capitol Ave. & 20th St. 
Donor: Paul & Carla Bankes, Matt & Stephanie Seebaum, and Pat Spieles, in memory of Carol McMurry

“J.E. Simson”
Artist: Joel Turner
Location: Northeast corner of Capitol Ave. & 20th St.
Donor: Gregory Dyekman

“Foxy Lady”
Artist: Christine Knapp
Location: Southeast corner of Carey Ave. & 19th St. 
Donor: Joe and Diane Prunty

“John Colter”
Artist:  Tanner Loren
Location: Southeast corner of Capitol Ave. & 20th St. 
Donor:  Bob Born

“Spirits of the Plains”
Artist: Guadalupe Barajas
Location: Central Ave. & 17th St. 
Donor:  Theobold Family in honor of Don and Arlene Kensinger  

For more information on the project or how to donate a bronze, please contact Harvey Deselms at, Nathaniel Trelease at, or visit The Capitol Avenue Bronze Project was publicly announced at the October 4, 2021, press conference hosted by Mayor Patrick Collins, Nathaniel Trelease, and Harvey Deselms.