Cause of Fire Near the Horse Creek Area Remains Under Investigation

Public officials are grateful for the cooperation and overwhelming support of the public during and after the Happy Jack Fire. The grass fire occurred March 1st off Dusty Road in the Happy Jack area and quickly spread to the Horse Creek area.

“On behalf of all responding and supporting agencies, we want to thank the public for their cooperation and overwhelming support during and after this fire,” Chief Jason Caughey, LCFA, said.

“With the quick response of our first responders and the cooperation of the public, we are happy to report that there were no injuries to people, livestock or animals.”

During the response, several private residents and public organizations generously offered their assistance for the transportation and care of livestock affected by the fire. Local government and response agencies also want to express their gratitude to the state and federal agencies who continue to support in the documentation of the fire. The total cost associated with the fire response is still undetermined at this time. Local law enforcement and fire express their appreciation to everyone for their cooperation throughout the weekend while certain areas were still closed to nonresidents for the security of those areas.

The fire affected more than 60 properties however only three residences suffered damage but were not a total loss. Other damage included, burnt pastures/fields, fence lines, power poles and out buildings. Total acreage for the fire area was 6,616 acres. Evacuation notices were issued for the Silver Sage, Quarter Circle, Happy Valley and Road 117 (Koster Rd.) Subdivisions. The fire was 100% contained on March 1, 2024 at 5:00pm. First responding agencies continued to monitor the area throughout the night and into Saturday, extinguishing small areas that continued to burn.

Response operations were finished on the evening of March 2nd. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. If anyone has information in regards to the origin or cause of the fire, please contact Detective Young with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 633-4737.