Cheyenne Animal Control responds to barking dog

CAS 12-18-17

Cheyenne Animal Control would like to clear up any misinformation about an incident on Friday, December 15, 2017, which began with a barking dog complaint and ended with the arrest of the owner.

Around 10:30 p.m., Animal Control was called to the 6700 block of Moreland Avenue to respond to a complaint of three barking dogs on the property.

When AC officers arrived, the dogs were barking, and it appeared no one was at the home. Officers were unsure of how long the dogs had been outside and believed they might be cold, so officers decided to investigate the backyard.

Animal Control Officer Don Kremer says, “When I approached the backyard, the dogs were growling, showing teeth, and pushing against an opening in the gate towards me.”

Animal Control requested additional backup, while the dogs continued to bark and show aggression. Upon the arrival of two other Animal Control officers, pepper spray was shot toward the ground in front of the dogs, which made them retreat. Then AC officers entered the backyard according to Laramie County ordinance Chapter II Section II.

AC officers used catch poles, which consist of a vinyl covered cable that loop around the dog’s neck in the fashion of a leash to control the animals and lead them into the Animal Control vehicle.

While escorting the dogs to the vehicle, the dogs tried to break away from the catch pole by turning, twisting and biting the end of the pole. The dogs pushed their cheeks inside of their mouth, biting down causing minor injuries to their own mouths.

The dogs were placed into an ACO vehicle, then the owners arrived home. Dalton Nelson allegedly went to the ACO vehicle and tried to release the dogs from the vehicle and started fighting with officers. At that time, the Cheyenne Police Department was called to the scene, and Nelson was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The dogs were returned the owners and a citation was written for barking dogs. Additional charges are being considered by AC officers.