Cheyenne Animal Shelter Begins Managed Admissions April 15

CAS 4-2-19

Cheyenne Animal Shelter will begin implementing a new managed admissions policy on April 15. The change, which is designed to help more animals stay at home or find appropriate new homes for animals that need adoption, follows recommendations from an external audit conducted by an animal behavior specialist and animal shelter consultant. The managed admissions policy replaces the after-hours drop boxes that the Shelter recently decided to eliminate.

Managed admissions, also known as scheduled intakes, is an increasingly popular program in animal shelters across the nation. It allows staff to meet one-on-one with an owner to gain a thorough history on the animal, which makes it easier and faster to find an appropriate placement for an animal. Staff can also talk directly with the owner about the possibility of keeping their animal at home, which can significantly reduce the number of animals surrendered to the shelter.

Animal behaviorists have found that gathering an animal’s history results in a more accurate evaluation and a more appropriate placement. For example, instead of an incomplete picture of a pet that was surrendered for fighting with another dog, a conversation with the owner can provide vital insight. That insight could help staff offer resources to prevent the fighting from happening again, or help staff place the dog in a more appropriate home where the behavioral problem can be kept at bay.

“Each year Cheyenne Animal Shelter takes in thousands of animals, and we will continue to open our arms to as many as we can possibly help,” said Vanessa Woodin, Director of Operations. “Managed admissions will help us keep more of those animals at home, or find them the best new home we can if they need to be adopted.”

The Shelter will continue accepting stray animals without an appointment. Beginning April 15 the Shelter will be open from 8am – 6pm to accommodate anyone needing to drop off a stray. However, the Shelter recommends that if possible, finders keep the animal in their home and file a lost report. “Finders” may contact our Cheyenne Animal Shelter Lost and Found hotline at 307-214-5779 or post on their Facebook page of the same name.  As well, you may call Animal Control at 307-635-1453 to pick up a found pet. The Shelter will remain an open-admission facility, meaning that no animal will be turned away.

Owners can schedule an appointment to surrender an animal by calling the Cheyenne Animal Shelter at (307) 632-6655.  Appointments are available Sunday-Saturday from 8am-6pm and take 30-45 minutes. No appointment is necessary in an emergency situation.