Cheyenne LEADS is pleased to announce that TBC Mfg. Inc. will be relocating its tool and die manufacturing company to Cheyenne

LEADS 2-21-20

Cheyenne LEADS began working with TBC Mfg. Inc. in March of 2019.  The company’s owners, Jeff and Karri Siebert, made several trips to Wyoming before choosing to relocate their company, currently located in Fountain, Colorado to Cheyenne. The new 18-20,000 square foot building will be located in the Cheyenne Business Parkway.

After the loss of a local company that provided the heat-treating capabilities essential to their production process, the owners decided to bring the process in-house, which would require expanding their current facility.  They also felt that the long-term health of their family business was jeopardized in their current location due to the legalization of marijuana and an over-zealous tax agenda that is not small business-friendly.

Jeff and Karri chose Cheyenne due to its strategic location in relation to its current and expected future clients.  They also see great opportunities to be involved in and contribute to the community. “As owners, we appreciate the independent, friendly, family-oriented culture we’ve experienced in Cheyenne, for both ourselves and for future generations of our family and our employees,” they said.

Anja Bendel, Director of Business Development, said, “I’m pleased that TBC Manufacturing has chosen our community.  It was a very careful decision, and we agree with them that Cheyenne is a great fit for their manufacturing operations as well as their employees.  We share many of the same values and know that they will not only create jobs but also become an important part of the community.”

“We appreciate that LEADS has been responsive and helpful from day one. They have acquainted us with the community.  They’ve answered numerous questions and connected us to the resources necessary to make this move happen,” said Karri Siebert.  “Cheyenne LEADS has supported us by welcoming our key employees and giving them informational tours, which helped them feel comfortable with the move, all while helping us find the perfect location for our new facility.”

They plan to begin construction of their new facility this spring.