Cheyenne Police Provide Update Regarding Threats Made to South High School

CPD 9-29-22

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the incident at South High School earlier this week, the Cheyenne Police Department’s initial report contained preliminary information. We are now able to offer a more detailed update:

On September 27 at approximately 10:00 a.m. a School Resource Officer (SRO) was notified by dispatch of a 9-1-1 call threatening gun violence at South High School located at 1213 West Allison Road.
Immediately following the call, the SRO notified school administration of the potential threat, and the school was placed into a secure perimeter for the safety of the students and staff within the building.
Additional officers were dispatched to assist and without hesitation, entered the school. Officers then began simultaneously securing and searching the interior and also determined the call was made from inside the building.

At approximately 10:40 a.m. another threat was received through the anonymous Safe2Tell tip line. It was reported that a student was in possession of an explosive device and a firearm in a backpack. The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) explosive ordnance detector K9’s were deployed and assisted in the search for the alleged device and firearm.

Officers were able to locate the student who was named in the Safe2Tell report and quickly determined that the explosive device threat and firearm possession were unfounded.

Meanwhile, officers successfully located the individual responsible for the initial call to dispatch threatening gun violence.

With both incidents resolved, and one suspect in custody, the secure perimeter was lifted at 11:45 a.m.
Officers have forwarded an affidavit of probable cause to the District Attorney supporting charges against the teenage suspect. Further investigation will continue regarding the Safe2Tell threat.

The totality of these circumstances played a significant role in law enforcement’s overall response during the incident, resulting in a safe outcome for the students and staff.

This case remains under investigation by the Cheyenne Police Department.