City Completes Phase II of Cheyenne Greenway Wayfinding Signage Plan

City 8-31-21

In July, the City of Cheyenne completed Phase II of the Greater Cheyenne Greenway Wayfinding Signage Plan. Phase II was funded through generous donations from Leadership Cheyenne and the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation. Installation was completed at 16 locations along the greenway to include sites such as Mylar Park, Saddle Ridge Subdivision, and along the Sun Valley Greenway. These additions provide useful navigation guides along the shared City/County greenway system. We thank Leadership Cheyenne and the Greenway Foundation for their support in completing phase II.

With almost 45 miles of greenway safely connecting our community to parks, schools, and important destinations, the implementation of wayfinding signs has become a priority with plans to install many more.  Individuals, service organizations, and businesses that would be interested in sponsoring the next phase of signs should contact the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation at for further information.