City To Tear Down Old Community House

courtesy City Of Cheyenne

By Staff 8-11,2016

The City of Cheyenne will close the Old Community House, 600 South Lions Park Drive, on Thursday, August 18.
The building is scheduled to be razed on September 1. The restrooms at the location will be renovated starting on September 1.
“The Old Community House is being demolished because the facility has surpassed its life expectancy,” said Rick Parish, Parks and Recreation Director of the City of Cheyenne. “Replacing the building is cost prohibitive at this time. This has been a very special building for the City for many decades. It has been used for birthdays, retirement parties, weddings and wedding receptions, City-sponsored events, and a whole host of other activities. This building holds lots of Cheyenne memories.”
Parish said the City is looking at constructing a large picnic shelter at the Old Community House location in the near future when funds are available.
The public can rent other City-owned facilities for their events. The Kiwanis Community House, 4603 Lions Park Drive, 637-6429; Youth Activity & Community Center, 1317 Parsley Blvd, 637-6423; Pioneer Park, 1331 Talbot Ct., 637-6423; Activity Center, 3121 Carey Ave., 637-6423.