City Workers Will Continue To Pick Up Broken Tree Branches Week Of June 19

heavy snow caused a tree to topple in Holiday Park in Cheyenne

City 6-16-17

City of Cheyenne workers will continue to pick up broken tree branches the week of June 19, Mayor Marian Orr announced today.

Crews will continue to collect tree branches in neighborhoods they have not been in yet, which are mostly in the northeast part of the city. Crews were hoping to be finished by June 16.

“Our city crews have been working tirelessly to pick up all the tree branches,” said Mayor Orr. “When I announced the city would collect all the tree branches left in the parking lanes on May 30, the city is committed in doing just that. The process has taken longer than expected, but rest assured we will get to every neighborhood.”

The city is picking up tree branches that were shattered by a historic snowstorm that hit our city on May 18-19. That storm dropped 14.3 inches of snow that damaged thousands of trees which had already leafed out.

Between Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, June 14, city crews have hauled away 518 dump truck loads of branches from various city neighborhoods. Street & Alley crews have been assisted in the collection of broken tree limbs by the Sanitation and Urban Forestry divisions.