CPD Foot Pursuit of Handcuffed Suspect Results in Arrest of Suspect and the Short Lockdown of East High School

On September 1, 2017 at approximately 10:53 a.m., Officers of the Cheyenne Police Department responded to the area of the 3300 block of Ridge Road for a report of domestic violence.  During their investigation, Officers determined the suspect to be 24 year old Deion Davis.  Officers also determined Davis had 4 warrants out for his arrest prior to attempting to contact him.

Officers went to 3801 Grove Drive in search of Davis.  Officers found Davis attempting to flee through a side window of the house.  Davis went back into the house and attempted to escape and resist officers.  A Taser was used on Davis and he was placed into custody. 

While Officers were escorting the handcuffed Davis to the police car for transport to jail, Davis was able to pull away from Officers and flee on foot.  The foot pursuit took officers to 3901 Ridge Rd. where Davis was taken back into custody. 

Davis was arrested for three (3) failure to comply warrants, one (1) failure to appear warrant, family violence, and escape from official detention.

During the course of the foot pursuit, School Resource Officer (SRO) located at East High School recommended the school go into lockdown for the safety of the students due to the close proximity to the incident.  The lockdown lasted less than 10 minutes.

There were no injuries to the suspect, officers, or students during the incident.  This incident remains under investigation.