CPD Officers Awarded Medal Of Valor, Meritorious Service

CPD 6-29-20

On June 24th, our department held our annual awards ceremony
recognizing employee excellence for the year 2019. Some of the many awards given out that afternoon were the Medal Of Valor; awarded to Officer Mark Ehlman, and Meritorious Service; awarded to Officer Geff Mims. The awards read as follows:

“On May 3, 2019, Officers from the Cheyenne Police Department were requested to assist with a pursuit the Wyoming Highway Patrol had started and entered into the city limits. While officers were heading towards the pursuit, information was given that shots had been fired from the
suspect vehicle.

Officer Ehlman was getting ready to end his shift when he heard the radio traffic and responded to the downtown area where the pursuit was headed. He attempted to deploy the Stinger spike strip system in front of the suspect vehicle; however, was unsuccessful. Officer Ehlman later joined the pursuit and ended up being the lead vehicle. During this time, the suspect continued to fire rounds at officers. One round struck Officer Ehlman’s vehicle in the front passenger door.

While being fired at, Officer Ehlman displayed extraordinary heroism. In the face of imminent serious injury, Officer Ehlman took the initiative and ended the threat to officers, the public and himself. He showed courage in an extremely dangerous situation.

Officer Mims had also joined the pursuit and the suspect fired multiple rounds at him. Officer Mims stayed with the pursuit and did not allow the threat of imminent risk of serious injury or death for being shot deter him. Officer Mims, while being fired at, showed extraordinary heroism
in the face of imminent serious injury. Officer Mims showed courage in the extremely dangerous situation.

Officer Ehlman’s and Officers Mims’ actions on May 3, 2019, demonstrated the courage and heroism the Cheyenne Police Department has in the service to the safety of the community we serve.”