CPD’s Speed Enforcement off to a Quick Start

CPD 2-28-18

In response to citizen concerns, the Cheyenne Police Department has made speed enforcement a primary goal for 2018. In order to slow people down and in turn reduce the number of accidents, the CPD began doing High Visibility Enforcement (HiVE) in January. The HiVE patrols involve multiple officers working on a stretch of road at the same time to deter people from speeding. Despite ample warnings on social media of each HiVE taking place, the CPD has written many more citations for speeding than in years past.

So far this year the CPD has completed 8 HiVEs in which 285 vehicles were stopped. From those stops 209 tickets were written including 106 for speeding. In addition to the high visibility details, every patrol squad is working towards reducing speeding as well. As a department, the CPD has written 302 speeding tickets in the first two months of 2018 as compared to 230 in the same period of time in 2017.

The CPD will continue its efforts to deter speeders throughout the year. As the roads thaw out this spring, follow the rules of the road and don’t get stung by the HiVE!