Downtown Development Authority Receives Grant from Wyoming Main Street

Cheyenne, WY – The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is pleased to announce that it
has received a $2000 training grant from the Wyoming Main Street Program. This grant will allow the
DDA to provide up to 50 downtown merchants with access to a Marketing 3-4-5 TM Workshop as well as
afternoon marketing office hours that provide one-on-one assistance. The funding will also allow for a
community video, tour-related PR, a highlight on the Tour Community Page and a series of
tour-related blog posts featuring our downtown community.
“Wyoming Main Street is glad to assist businesses exploring opportunities to grow their businesses
through these marketing techniques. Our passion is grassroots economy building and we want to provide
resources to build commerce from the ground up,” said Linda Klinck, Wyoming Main Street Program
The Marketing 3-4-5TM Workshop includes:
• Understanding the purpose of marketing (attracting customers, growing and maintaining your
team and impacting your community)
• Clearly communicating what makes you unique and why people should work with you vs others
• How people find you and how to reach them on multiple different channels with one primary
• Taking inventory of your unique benefits & capabilities to quickly create content in the future
• Creating compelling content by Highlighting a Creation, Demonstrating Professional Service
Successes, and various forms of Employee Recognition Content
• The role and use of Power Words aka high emotion words – Imagine using quick, proven and
convenient techniques guaranteed to make you more efficient
• Top mistakes in local marketing and how to avoid them
• How to grow customer reviews and referrals systematically
• How to structure a website for 3 types of visitors, rank on Google and get more out of Social Media
• And, how to Tap Into the Power of Your Local Connections to reach more people to support your
community – automatically!
“We are so incredibly grateful to have received this grant from the Wyoming Main Street Program,” said
Haylee Chenchar, Director of Marketing and Events. “This Marketing 3-4-5 TM Workshop and the tools
provided will be absolutely invaluable to our merchants, especially during a time where effective
marketing is crucial. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, and we are proud to be able to offer this
fantastic resource to our downtown business owners.”
The Marketing 3-4-5TM Workshop will be held on July 1, 2020 at 8:00am (location TBA). To register, please
email Holly Scheer at with your name and the name of your
business. Businesses eligible for the workshop must be within the downtown district lines set forth in city