Flood Warnings For Parts Of Wyoming

Wyoming national guard

AP 6-10,2016

Flood warnings have been posted for areas of central and southeast Wyoming as rivers and streams overflow their banks with runoff from the melting mountain snowpack.

So far, flooding has been limited to low lying areas along the rivers and streams in Fremont, Carbon, Albany and Lincoln counties.

In Fremont County, the North and Middle Forks of Popo Agie (pah-POE’-shuh) river were running near flood stage Friday in the Lander area.

The Wind River at Riverton has been rising but has remained below flood stage so far.

In Carbon County, minor flooding is occurred along the North Platte River at Saratoga, where sandbags are protecting the town. Minor flooding also is occurring at Laramie from the Laramie River.

In southwest Wyoming, the Green River at LaBarge is near flood stage.