Freshman Lawmakers Attend New Legislator Training in Cheyenne

By Kari Eakins – 12 Nov ’14

Fifteen freshman legislators are completing their third and final day of New Legislator Training in Cheyenne. Rep. Ruth Petroff (R-Jackson) reports that they go over how to draft bills, the budgeting process, committee work, how to find research information and more, “the legislators get to go down and meet with the Governor, the Secretary of State’s Office comes up and does a presentations and a lot of the different departments of the Legislative Services Office come in.”

Petroff adds that it’s not all nuts and bolts, “We talk a lot about cultural things within the Legislature, like the decorum and the history of civility that we have and working together and I think that’s an important element to maintaining the collegiality we have within the Legislature,”

Legislative leadership organizes the orientation to help the newly elected lawmakers be able to hit the ground running when the Legislature convenes in January.