Game And Fish Raises Over $660K In Super Trifecta Tag Raffle

By Staff – 10 July ’14

A new initiative passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Matt Mead allowed the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to raise more than $665,000. The Game and Fish Department raffled difficult to draw hunting licenses and one Super Tag Trifecta. The Super Trifecta Tag winner can buy three different licenses from a pool of: antelope, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, gray wolf, black bear, mountain lion or wild bison licenses.

“This raffle will generate revenue for a resource we all treasure – our wildlife. It gives hunters another chance to get a license for some of the best big game in the world,” Governor Mead said. “Congratulations to all the winners and good hunting this fall.”

Wyoming Game and Fish sold 50,266 raffle tickets to people from Wyoming, across the country and around the world. The revenue helps the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s operating budget.

“The Governor and the Legislature provided great leadership and innovation in putting this raffle in place. Wyoming has world class wildlife resources and habitat. Managing those resources is becoming more complex and costly. This raffle helps fund responsible wildlife management, helps create access for hunters and anglers, and helps us to take care of important habitat,” Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott said.

The statewide license for a mountain goat or bison will not be subject to the once-in-a-lifetime rule and the bighorn sheep or moose licenses are not subject to the five-year waiting period restriction on conventionally drawn licenses.

Information about the winners and next year’s raffle is available at: