Governor Mead Presents Budget to Lawmakers

By Associated Press – 15 Nov ’14

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead is urging state lawmakers to plan how much money the state needs to have in its so-called rainy day fund and what conditions would justify spending from it.

Mead addressed members of the Joint Appropriations Committee at the State Capitol on Monday.

The governor is calling on lawmakers to consider rules for how to manage the state’s $2-billion Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account.

Mead’s remarks came as he presented his $156-million supplemental budget to lawmakers. That funding would be in addition to the existing $3.5-billion, two-year general fund budget.

Mead is asking for $27.5 million for University of Wyoming projects, $25 million in local government funding, more than $21 million for highway improvements and $18.6 million for water projects.