Highway Patrol Prepares for 2017 Eclipse

WHP   11-18, 2016

Although the highly anticipated August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse is still over nine months away, the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) is already beginning to prepare for the occasion. Due to the potential impact of the projected large influx of visitors that the eclipse will bring to Wyoming, the WHP is taking steps to be ready ahead of time.

The WHP is planning for an increase of traffic in Wyoming before, during and after the solar eclipse statewide as well as higher areas of traffic around August 21st in Teton, Sublette, Fremont, Natrona, Converse, Goshen, Platte and Niobrara Counties as those counties have been identified as prime viewing areas in Wyoming to view the totality of the eclipse. Members of the WHP have already been active with the eclipse planning team in Casper and plan to attend similar meetings across the state. The WHP is also coordinating with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, local law enforcement, the Wyoming Office of Tourism and other eclipse coordinators to determine the best way to utilize WHP resources during the event.

All Wyoming State Troopers and WHP Dispatch Center personnel have already been asked to not schedule any leave between August 14th through August 27th so that all Troopers, with the assistance of the Dispatchers, are available to be out patrolling to keep Wyoming’s highways safe during the eclipse occurrence.

As planning progresses, the WHP will continue to evaluate and consider how agency resources can be best utilized during the eclipse time frame including the possible option of deploying additional Troopers from non-prime viewing locations to the counties that will be in the prime viewing areas.