Insurance solicitations look like bills

BOPU  10-9-17

Residents in Cheyenne are receiving notices from American Water Resources of Wyoming. Although the notices resemble utility bills, the letters do not come from the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (Board). The Board, Cheyenne’s Water and Sewer Departments, is not affiliated with and does not endorse American Water Resources of Wyoming.

The notice is a solicitation for an insurance policy to cover the customer’s portion of water and/or sewer service lines. In Cheyenne, the landowner is responsible for the service line between the building and the main. Repairs in the service lines between the home or business and the main are the landowner’s responsibility.

The Board wants customers to make informed decisions about their water and sewer lines. When considering these solicitations, carefully read the policy, contact insurance providers to see if service lines are already covered, discuss with plumbers the possible repair costs of service lines, and consider the likelihood of needing water and/or service line repairs.