Joint Response to the COVID-19 Situation by Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr and City Council President Dr. Mark Rinne

City 3-19-20

The County Health Official has taken the extraordinary step of issuing an order that will close all theaters, bars, fitness centers, gyms, and museums be closed for the next two weeks.  In addition, any restaurants or coffee shops will be allowed to provide drive-up or curbside service only.

Essential city services, police, fire, sanitation, and snow removal will continue to operate. Cheyenne has the finest public servants and we grateful for the work they continue to carry out. 

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a new strain that we do not know much about.  This strain appears to be more virulent than previous strains that we have dealt with.  In addition, the mortality appears to be higher than the influenza that we normally deal with.  Consequently, governments around the country and the world are taking steps to control the transmission of COVID-19.  The worst-case scenario is that the disease spikes so rapidly that our ability to treat patients is overwhelmed.  Those are the reasons that we have to take such aggressive measures.

We want to express sympathy for those directly affected by this decision.  We know that the next few weeks will be difficult for all of us.  Particularly, for those that will be struggling to get by without an income.  While we are disappointed in the decision to restrict businesses in Cheyenne, we understand the decision.

Finally, we encourage all of us to follow the recommended guidelines.  Please do not succumb to the hysteria and hoard food and household supplies. Think about your fellow citizens.  Take care of each other and be safe.