LCSD#1 to Add Lockdown Drills

Staff   9-21, 2016

Laramie County School District #1 will make a change after last week’s lockdown. An active shooter situation last week forced the lockdown of all LCSD#1 schools for a brief period of time. Assistant Superintendent Tracy Kinney says it’s the first time in recent memory there has been a district wide lockdown. She says, after reviewing how the district handled the lockdown, overall things went as planned.

Kinney says one recommendation that was made after reviewing the lockdown is that, along with fire drills and other safety training at schools, there will soon be drills for district wide lockdowns.

Kinney says alerts will be sent out to parents to let them know the lockdowns are just drills so there will be no reason to panic. Kinney says LCSD#1 hopes to start the drills sometime this year.