LCSO Completed 100 Accomplishments for 2023

Sheriff Kozak and his new command staff took office on January 3,2023. They began to
reorganize the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office by having the employees focus on three
overall goals:

  1. Invest in the employees by implementing professional leadership to focus on employee development, retention, and recruiting.
  2. Reconnect with residents and businesses to fight crime.
  3. Restructure jail operations to focus on drug addiction, mental health, and other programs to lower recidivism and crime. These three overall goals led the agency and its employees to initiate and complete 100 accomplishments; several of the most significant include: Refocusing our mission to arrest fugitives and improve traffic safety with increased enforcement, changing our culture to attract and retain employees (LCSO hired over 65 employees in 2023), recognizing employee performance, bringing all employees to salary market value, promoting teamwork by launching mutual aid contracts with all surrounding agencies, engaging the community with our volunteer posse, national night out, and rural deputy programs, and instilled accountability in the jail with daily inspections and random shakedowns. Sheriff Kozak said, “I am so proud and humbled by the amazing accomplishments our employees have made. There is no doubt LCSO has become a leader in public safety and sought-after place to work.”
    Complete List of Accomplishments for 2023:
    Agency wide:
  4. Instituted an employee-led committee.
  5. Created a culture that empowered employees to take risks and take responsibility.
  6. Rediscovered agency mission and values.
  7. Rebranded the agency as one committed to fighting crime.
  8. Developed electronic process for employee performance documentation and evaluations.
  9. Created a uniform for professional civilian staff.
  10. Developed an onboarding process for new hires.
  11. Implemented internal background investigations.
  12. Completed harassment policy.
  13. Revised and updated the agency’s social media policies and strategies.
  14. Completed MOU and policy for Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) grant. Promoted LEAD Program Manager and Hired Case Manager.
  15. Completed mutual aid agreements with surrounding sheriffs, Larame PD, and CPD.
  16. Finalized FTO policy and FTO overtime pay.
  17. Created a plan to bring all employees to market value salaries.
  18. Shared the 2022 employee survey with an action plan for 2023.
  19. Created a lieutenant promotional board and testing process.
  20. Created a sergeant promotional board and testing process.
  21. Selected and properly trained public information officer.
  22. Completed the Axon body camera bid and developed policy.
  23. Completed Taser 10 bid and developed policy.
  24. Remodeled, tiled, and painted briefing rooms in Patrol and the Jail.
  25. Replaced leaking pipes and tile in various areas.
  26. Ordered firearms, with optics and lights, for Patrol and Detention.
  27. Completed the playground fence at JSC.
  28. Implemented a recruiting bonus for employees.
  29. Implemented a signing bonus for detention deputies.
  30. Created a recruitment plan and digital advertising campaign.
  31. Produced a recruiting video.
  32. Successfully hired over 65 new employees in 2023.
  33. Revised vehicle graphics to be more modern and embrace western heritage.
  34. Updated uniforms to be consistent across all units and purchased new uniforms.
  35. Updated training policy, organizing agency instructors to provide a better training plan for 2024.
  36. Revised the award policy and implemented an annual awards ceremony with a holiday dinner.
  37. Selected employees and volunteers of the year in June of each year.
  38. Developed and released the first critical incident community briefing (Milles shooting).
  39. Entered into an agreement with Wyoming Military Department to utilize Counterdrug Analyst.
  40. Received Federal funding ($227,000) for De-escalation training, awarded on Oct 31 to implement De-escalation training, Use of Force Training and Instructors, CIT, and purchase new use of force simulator.
  41. Partnered with Laramie County Community College to provide advanced training programs tailored to law enforcement needs.
  42. Received funding through the Federal PSN grant to implement training, purchase equipment, and provide overtime for deputies to address Violent Crime. Funds available after 12/30/23.
  43. Upgraded Admin Conference and installed new equipment that had been sitting for three years.
  44. Enhanced communication and coordination through Commands Staff Meeting Notes, Improved briefing reports, and directive procedures.
  45. Received a $366,300 grant to coordinate and lead advanced DUI training for the State of Wyoming.
  46. Created sign on bonus for Detention and Mental Health Staff
  47. Created from the Pod POD-cast to assist in recruiting.
  48. Implemented, equipped, and trained a Security Emergency Response Team (SERT).
  49. Completed the application process for US Marshal’s Service to use the jail for federal bookings.
  50. Developed a mental health social worker intern program.
  51. Ordered and installed an employee physical fitness gym.
  52. Evaluated and implemented indirect supervision in one pod.
  53. Created a plan to implement pod inspections with sheriff inspections.
  54. Held a jail-wide shakedown.
  55. Ordered body armor for detention staff.
  56. Ordered radios for detention.
  57. Trained patrol deputies to work in the jail.
  58. Evaluated and made improvements to night shift meals.
  59. Replaced gun lockers.
  60. Rewired the Control Room.
  61. Created a transgender policy.
  62. Organized the sally port and installed a storage cage.
  63. Streamlined the booking process.
  64. Reinstituted programs.
  65. Implemented a medicated assistance program for inmates already on the program.
  66. Created a plan for a Special Management Pod to house those with severe mental illness. Contract will be reviewed on December 5th to begin work on this pod.
  67. Completed certification for addiction severity index evaluations.
  68. Implemented the 24/7 program.
  69. Worked with the National Institute of Jail Operations to revamp all detention policies.
  70. Extended Contract with Keefe Commissary. This also improved kiosk accessibility, allowing for easier payment of bond.
  71. Civilianized the crisis center at the Juvenile Service Center.
    Operations (Patrol, Detectives and Professional Staff):
  72. Created a test for transfer from detention to patrol.
  73. Developed a selection process for detectives.
  74. Added detective positions to form a property crime section.
  75. Added another detective to the DEA Task Force.
  76. Ordered detective badges.
  77. Developed a promotional process for a detective corporal and promoted our first corporal in Operations.
  78. Completed an audit of the evidence section.
  79. Finalized a report writing manual/policy.
  80. Developed a corporal program for Patrol (was not funded by the County Commissioners).
  81. Created a reserve deputy program (Three reserve deputies are on board).
  82. Developed a volunteer program (Posse Program).
  83. Increased school patrols.
  84. Instituted a School Resource Deputy program and recruited for the unit.
  85. Expanded and revised the inmate tablet program (required legal action).
  86. Created a plan to implement a drug K9 for the jail.
  87. Implemented a part-time quartermaster position.
  88. Created a Professional Standards Unit and policy.
  89. Implemented a plan for vehicle replacements.
  90. Created a culture of arresting criminals who have warrants (most wanted list).
  91. Issued cell phones to all patrol deputies and detectives.
  92. Began the planning stages for a search and rescue team.
  93. Rebuilt relationships with rural fire districts, Town Council, and WHP.
  94. Instituted the Rural Deputy Program and assigned a deputy to Burns.
  95. Implemented a commercial vehicle enforcement plan for 2024.
  96. Assisted the jail with shifts.
  97. Took part in the National Night Out.
  98. Instituted a highly visible traffic safety plan (HIVE).
  99. Took the lead in forming a multi-agency DUI task force.
  100. Developed a communication plan – bi-weekly newsletter and briefing board.
  101. Held a 2024 planning session with leaders and developed 2024 expectations.
  102. Ordered new patrol rifles – Training schedule for 2024.
  103. Entered into a contract with Eric Daigle to revise Operation policies.
    Total Goals Achieved in 2023:
    Agency: 42
    Detention: 26
    Operations: 32 Total: 100