Legislative Committee Report Blasts Cindy Hill

by Kari Eakins – 1 July ’14

The draft version of a report by a special legislative committee investigating Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill was released Tuesday. In the report, the Select Investigative Committee claims Hill misspent state and federal funds, demanded unconstitutional political and personal loyalty, obstructed implementation of state law, and forced the finance division of the state education department into illegal behavior.

The committee decided to give Hill until July 26th  to submit written comment on the report before the final version is published. The draft report can be read by clicking here.

Hill claims she has not misused any funds, nor broken any laws. She says the committee and its report are part of a political effort to discredit her as she runs for governor against incumbent Governor Matt Mead and Taylor Haynes of Cheyenne.

Although the draft report says Hill’s behavior “is grounds for removal from office”, Senate President Tony Ross thinks it’s unlikely any action will be taken to impeach her because it’s so late in the year.