More Snow Coming This Weekend

NWS   12-15, 2016

Our first snow event is well underway this evening with snow becoming fairly widespread across the I-80 Corridor in southeast Wyoming. This area of snow is expected to lift towards the northeast this evening, ending across the I-80 Corridor early Thursday morning. Snow is expected to end across the northern Nebraska Panhandle towards sunrise Thursday.
The next bigger and potentially more impactful winter storm is still on track for Friday lasting through Saturday morning. Finally, confidence remains high on brutal cold temperatures for Friday night through Sunday morning.

There are a substantial number of pre-holiday high school basketball, wrestling, and swimming tournaments/meets scheduled for Friday and Saturday across the state. It will be important for school administrators and athletic directors to stay current on the latest forecasts Thursday. If you know who these decision-makers are in your county, it would be a good idea to give them a “heads-up” on the potential for a significant winter system.

Windchill temperatures will become dangerous Friday night through the day Saturday into Sunday morning. People and animals exposed to these very cold temperatures and windchills will suffer hypothermia and other cold related injuries if they are out in the elements for any prolonged period (more than an hour or so).