Move to Speed Limit Increase Races Ahead

Nicholas A. Tonelli; Flickr

5-3, 2016

More than 2,700 miles of highway were signed for the new statutory 70 mph speed limit by the end of April, and WYDOT expects to have signs changed on another 700 miles of highway by the end of May.

Chief Engineer Gregg Fredrick said installing the 70 mph overlays on speed limit signs progressed faster than expected in April, with crews finishing work on more sections than originally planned for April and May combined.

The new speed limit set by the 2016 Legislature will go into effect on all non-interstate highways except those through urban and residential areas, school zones and anywhere special hazards exist.

WYDOT’s 511 Travel Information Service map is being updated to show each new 70 mph highway section as sign installation is completed.

During the transition to the new limit, drivers are cautioned to continue to comply with the posted speed limit on all highways.

WYDOT Director Bill Panos emphasized the department is keeping safety in mind as it complies with the new law.

“We’re confident that the segments that we are posting from 65 to 70 are safe, but we need to keep a close eye on them,” Panos said. “If we find that for some reason the speed limit needs to be lowered back down we will do that. We will make sure that it’s as safe as possible for the driving public.”

Highway sections expected to move to the 70 mph limit in May include:

  • WYO 130 Laramie to Centennial, 25 miles;
  • WYO 230 Laramie to Woods Landing, 24 miles;
  • WYO 13 from Rock River to Arlington, 17 miles;
  • WYO 71 south of Rawlins, 9 miles;
  • WYO 72 from Hanna to Elk Mountain, 10 miles;
  • US 26 from the I-25 Dwyer Junction Interchange to the Nebraska border, 41 miles;
  • US 85 between Lingle and Torrington, 4 miles;
  • WYO 319 north of Glendo, 9 miles;
  • WYO 95 between the I-25 Deer Creek Interchange and Glenrock, 1 mile;
  • WYO 93 north of Douglas, 26 miles;
  • US 20-26-87 between the I-25 East Glenrock Interchange and Casper, 20 miles;
  • WYO 151 from US 85 to the Nebraska border, 9 miles;
  • WYO 270 between Manville and US 85, 19 miles;
  • WYO 313 from Chugwater to Hawk Springs, 30 miles;
  • WYO 320 from Wheatland to US 26, 12 miles:
  • I-80 BUS from Lyman east to I-80, 6 miles;
  • I-80 Service Road between the Rock Springs Airport and Point of Rocks, 20 miles;
  • WYO 89 from Evanston north to the Utah border, 18 miles;
  • WYO 89 from Sage Junction to the Utah border, 4 miles;
  • WYO 150 from Evanston south to the Utah border, 18 miles;
  • WYO 232 northeast from Cokeville, 12 miles;
  • WYO 235 from US 189 to Calpet, 4 miles;
  • WYO 240 from Opal to US 189, 12 miles;
  • WYO 351 between US 191 and US 189 northeast of Big Piney, 15 miles;
  • WYO 352 north from US 191, 18 miles;
  • WYO 370 from Airport Road to WYO 430, 5 miles;
  • WYO 374 Cedar Mountain Road to US 30, and Little America to James Town, 23 miles;
  • WYO 412 between the I-80 Carter-Mountain View Interchange and US 189, 22 miles;
  • WYO 430 from Rock Springs to the Colorado border, 55 miles;
  • US 87 between WYO 335 and Banner, 8 miles;
  • WYO 336 between Sheridan to Wyarno, 10 miles;
  • WYO 338 from Sheridan to the Montana border, 13 miles;
  • WYO 345 from the Montana border to the I-90 Acme Interchange, 19 miles; and
  • US 85 from about 3 miles north of Newcastle to Four Corners.