Needing to Hold Up Their End of the Bargain

photo by Darrel Johnson, KFBC radio

by Keith Kelley–9 Aug ’18

Wyoming Cowboy offensive coordinator Brent Vigen says that their side of the football didn’thold up their end of the bargain last year.  Wyoming’s defense and special teams were outstanding last season, but the offense struggled quite a bit.  And Vigen says with such a dominating defense coming back, it does give them some sort of comfort, but he knows they have to better on offense.

“We focus on being a good team, and that starts by playing good defense, being good on special teams, and on offense, being opportunistic.  That doesn’t mean we’re putting up 40 points. That doesn’t mean we’re putting up 500 yards.  It means we’re taking care of the football.  We’re staying on the field on third down, and we’re scoring when we should score.”

Vigen adds, “That’s the mix that we have potential to be.  Last year, we didn’t necessarily hold up our end of the bargain there.”

Wyoming’s season opener is two weeks from Saturday, on the road at New Mexico State.  That kickoff is set for 8 pm.