Pheasant stocking plan for southeast Wyoming

WGF  10-20-17

Hunters looking forward to pheasant season will be pleased to learn that the Downar Game Bird Farm has about 17,000 birds to stock this year.
As in years past, pheasants will be released at the Springer/Bump Sullivan Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA) and at Glendo State Park during the special hunts and into the regular season.

Birds will also be stocked at Table Mountain WHMA, Platte County Walk-In Areas 20, 23, and 51, Goshen County Walk-In Areas 24, 29, and 63, and Laramie County Walk-In Areas 21 and 34. Goshen County Walk-In Area 19 south of Veteran will not be stocked this year due to lack of cover. All areas will be stocked twice a week during the general season until the supply of birds runs out, likely around mid December. 

Lack of cover on many Walk-In Areas in Platte and Laramie counties will result in fewer birds stocked in these areas this season.  

Hunters are reminded to purchase a Pheasant Special Management Stamp to hunt pheasants on Walk-In and habitat areas.