Proper Disposal of Leaves and Snow During Fall, Winter Seasons

City 10-20-21

Cooler, seasonal temperatures accompanied by gusty winds and snow has resulted in more leaves on the ground in recent weeks. With that, the City of Cheyenne would like to remind residents they may take collected leaves to the Compost Facility (3714 Windmill Rd.) for disposal free of charge. Collected leaves must be delivered to the Compost Facility in a trash bag. Residents may also place collected leaves in a City yard waste container for disposal prior to the curbside yard waste program concluding for the season on November 19th. Please do not sweep leaves onto the street. It is the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of leaves that fall or are blown onto their property. The City’s Street & Alley Division will be street sweeping for the next few months. Please be patient as crews make their way to all neighborhoods throughout Cheyenne.

Additionally, in anticipation of snow during the fall and winter seasons, the City reminds residents about proper snow removal from sidewalks and to not shovel, push, or plow snow onto the street. Placing snow onto streets can lead to drainage issues. According to the City’s Municipal Code, owner(s) and/or, if appropriate, the occupant(s) of property abutting a sidewalk shall within a twenty-four (24) hour period, after a snowfall, remove snow, ice, or slush from such sidewalks and maintain them free of the same. Additional information on sidewalk snow removal can be found in section 8.60.090 of the Municipal Code