Red Kettles Collect $110,000 for Cheyenne Salvation Army

Jamie McCaffrey, Flickr

By Staff – 31 Dec ’14

The Salvation Army of Cheyenne says their Red Kettle fundraiser was a huge success this year, raising over $110,000, compared to just under $95,000 in 2013.

Lt. Doug Hanson attributes the increase to additional volunteers, who contributed a record breaking 520 volunteer hours. Hanson reports that new volunteer groups included Cheyenne Hills Church, Element Church, Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne, 4-H groups, and the Cheyenne Stampede hockey team.

In addition, Hanson says the $100 bill campaign did better than expected. After collected 18 $100 bills last year, 37 $100 bills were bound in red buckets throughout Cheyenne in 2014.

“Cheyenne has proven time and time again how generous it is with the Red Kettle Campaign,” says Hanson. “Thanks to all who supported what we do by donating.”