Red Light Tickets Up in 2016, Still an Issue in 2017

CPD 1-25-17

The Cheyenne Police Department issued 749 red light tickets in 2016, an increase of 71% from the 436 tickets for red lights in 2015. Despite the increased enforcement, people continue to run red lights and the department has made it a priority to decrease the number of red light crashes in 2017.

The CPD itself had a recent crash involving a red light violation. On January 19, a person running a red light at the intersection of E. 20th and Warren Ave. entered the intersection on a red light and struck an officer’s vehicle that had entered the intersection on a green light. This crash resulted in the loss of a police vehicle issued in December of 2016 with 2,323 miles on it. Nobody was injured during the crash, but it highlights the need for continued enforcement. The CPD would like to remind the community that we will be looking for red light violations and will continue our proactive traffic enforcement in 2017.