Rumor of Detention Center COVID-19 Case is False

LCS 3-30-20

On Friday, March 27, 2020, in the late morning a woman was brought into the Laramie County Detention Center. When that woman arrived at the Detention Center she reported that she had been exposed to another person in Colorado at a conference who had Covid-19 and that person had since passed away.

The Detention Center’s emergency procedures were put into place for someone who may have Covid-19. The woman was tested shortly after being placed in the Detention Center. The Sheriff’s Department did not get the test results, which were negative for the virus, until later in the weekend.

Information had been placed on a private citizen’s Facebook page that the Laramie County Detention Center had its first case of Covid-19. An inmate had seen the woman being placed into the special cell, he in turn called his brother and his brother erroneously reported that the Sheriff’s Department had its first case of Covid-19 which is false.

At this time, the Laramie County Detention Center remains free from any case of Covid-19.