Search for Body Begins Today

Staff    11-1, 2016

Laramie County authorities will begin searching a landfill in Ault, Colorado, for the body of a 13-month Cheyenne boy today. Capt. Linda Gesell with the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department says they were scheduled to begin the search yesterday, but different stories from Logan Hunter Rogers, the 23 year old charged in the case, about where the boy’s body may have been led to the delay.

Gesell says about 30 people from her office and the Wyoming Army National Guard will search the landfill at Ault. Gesell says the search may take weeks. The search area is about 25 yards wide and 100 yards long, with trash about 15 feet deep. Gesell says they are going on the best information they have right now because the mother of the 13-month old has yet to talk to investigators.

Rogers made his first appearance in court yesterday. He is charged with manslaughter and reckless child endangerment. He did request a lawyer and bail was set at $500,000. He is set to be back in court on November 9, when a judge will determine if he should stand trial. Investigators have learned the boy died on October 20, after falling from a counter at home. Rogers put his body in a trash bin at Laramie County Community College. The trash from that bin was taken to Ault.