Second Candidate Enters Cheyenne Mayoral Race [AUDIO]

by Reece Monaco–3 May ’16

Another candidate has thrown her hat into the rig for Mayor of Cheyenne.  Marian Orr made the announcement official today (Tuesday).  Orr had been running number of town hall conversations on her Facebook page, exploring the idea of running for Mayor.  Orr says she knows Cheyenne is facing a rocky financial picture in the coming years, and feels her experience can get Cheyenne through the tough times.

Orr says that she has three priorities for the city, which includes bettering Cheyenne’s backyard.

Orr says she is running for Mayor, not because of something that is going on, or that has happened within the city government, but because she feels she can lead Cheyenne forward.

Orr joins Amy Surdam, as the only candidates to announce their candidacy for Mayor.  Mayor Rick Kaysen announced last week that he would not seek a third term in office.