Shelter brings new way of reporting lost and found animals

CAS 12-14-17

Each year the Cheyenne Animal Shelter returns about 1,000 lost pets to their owners. There are several ways the Shelter reunites families, and we are adding one more way to do so.

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has launched a Lost and Found Form on its website, which allows the community to upload a description and an image of the animal, as well as contact information. Adding this information to the website gives the public a real-time look at what information the Shelter receives every day.

“Losing a pet can be a scary experience. There’s an urge to try to find your pet as quickly as possible.” says Stephanie Bilbro, Cheyenne Animal Shelter Manager, “This is a way to connect the community to each other and give neighbors a quick and convenient source that will help get animals back to their families.”

By posting lost and found animals on the website,, it gives anyone an opportunity to see the reports. The posts will rotate every 30 days, and outdated information will be removed.

The Shelter encourages the community to continue using all resources available. If the Shelter is open, you can call the front desk at 307-632-6655. During non-business hours, give the After Hours Lost & Found Hotline a call at (307) 214-5779. Make sure to go and look to see if the Shelter has your pet as well. If your animal is not at the shelter fill out a lost card and provide a photo. We also encourage owners to use our Facebook group After Hours Lost & Found.

We can often receive between 20-40 animals a day and typically have 200 animals in the lost files. By using all of these options, the information is shared not only to the Shelter but also to the community, giving your pet a better chance of being reunited with you.