Sixth Penny Projects Being Discussed for Next Ballot

Staff    4-28, 2016

City and County officials are preparing for the next round of 6th Penny projects, while 6th Penny collections decline. Organizational meetings are being set as officials from Cheyenne, Laramie County, Burns, Albin and Pine Bluffs discuss the next 6th Penny ballot and the projects they’d like to see on it. But while discussion is underway, a drop in sales and use taxes statewide is having an effect on the current collections.

County Commissioner Buck Holmes says 6th Penny collections have dropped over $400,000 over the last couple months.

Holmes adds that the next 6th Penny ballot could see about $100 million in projects with $10 million going to Pine Bluffs. $2.5 million would go to Albin and Burns with the rest divided between the county and Cheyenne.

Holmes says expanding the current jail facility is one of the bigger projects being considered.