State To Study Judges Workload

AP 8-18,2015

Lawmakers may soon begin examining the workloads of district judges in Laramie County amid concerns that people have to wait long periods of time before having their day in court and judges being overworked.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports Joint Judiciary Committee members agreed to ask for permission to look into the issue before the 2016 session.

Preliminary data shows that district judges throughout the state have been overworked, but lawmakers have decided to focus on Laramie County until more statewide data becomes available.

According to an analysis of workloads based on a national model, Laramie County is in need of two additional judges to hear cases. Albany, Carbon, Sheridan and Johnson counties are in need of 1.5 more judges, and Sweetwater, Uinta and Lincoln counties need 2.5 more judges.