Storey, Ridge Road Intersection Turns Into Four-Way Stop

courtesy City of Cheyenne

By Staff 1.24.18

City traffic division crews will convert the intersection of Storey Boulevard and Ridge Road into a four-way stop on Wednesday, January 31, weather permitting.

Motorists traveling eastbound or westbound on Storey Avenue are required to stop at Ridge Road. Those motorists on Ridge Road are not required to stop. After Wednesday, those motorists traveling southbound or northbound on Ridge Road will also be required to stop at the intersection. Traffic crews have already installed flashing red beacons at the stop signs on Storey Boulevard. Red flashing beacons will be installed at the stop signs on Ridge Road as well.

“Over the years we have seen an increase in traffic and traffic accidents which has prompted the need to turn the intersection into a four-way stop,” said Nathan Beauheim, Transportation Administrator for the City of Cheyenne. “The plan is to install a traffic signal at the intersection in 2019.”

The cost to install a signalized traffic signal at an intersection is about $250,000.

Traffic at the intersection has continued to increase over the years. For example, traffic counts on Storey Boulevard just west of Ridge Road in 2009 were 4,493 vehicles per day. That number jumped to 5,281 in 2012 and in 2017 the count increased to 6,841. Between 2007 and 2016 there have been 45 accidents at that intersection, according to the Metropolitan Planning Organization.