Study: Wyoming Airports Contribute $1.4B to Economy

Wyoming’s 35 public use airports generate $1.4 billion in economic activity annually according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division. Planning and programming manager Christy Yaffa says a strong Wyoming economy has helped regional airports tread water while nationally, the air service industry has struggled.

“We are monitoring how air service is performing in other states and finding that Wyoming is doing well in at least maintaining the air service that we have,” said Yaffa.

The study estimates that over 12,000 jobs are related to the airline industry with an annual payroll of over $526 million in the state.

Yaffa says reliable air service is also important for other Wyoming industries, “We found in the study that commercial air service supports all sorts of industries in the state, including mineral and gas explorations, colleges and the university, and hospitals… It makes communities more marketable to attracting employees as well as getting new customers.

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