Workplace Fatality Bill Endorsed by Wyoming Lawmakers

Highways Agency, Flickr

By Associated Press – 16 Nov ’14

A Wyoming legislative committee is endorsing a proposal to fines large companies up to $250,000 when a safety violation causes a worker’s death.

The Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Committee endorsed a bill Tuesday. It now heads to the Wyoming Legislature for consideration in the session starting next month.

Wyoming currently doesn’t have a separate penalty for workplace fatalities and caps the fine for serious violations at $7,000, whether they result in a fatality or not.

The bill would allow penalties of up to $12,000 for serious violations. The new penalty for fatalities would be up to $50,000 for companies that employ fewer than 250 people and up to $250,000 for larger companies.

Wyoming is a longtime leader in workplace fatalities, with many deaths occurring in the energy industry.